Local and Long-Distance Moves

Moving is a time-consuming and tedious task that can be simplified by planning ahead, decluttering and ensuring your preparation is stuck to. Whether you are planning a long-distance or local move, making sure your possessions arrive safely and on-time is the top priority. 

Here are simple steps to get your Long Distance or Local Home or Office as organized as possible:

1 – Plan Ahead

Now that you know you are moving, decide how much time your move needs! Will your local move take a day or weekend? Or will your long-distance move require adequate planning to arrive when you do? Give yourself ample time to pack, organize, transport and get settled in your new place. 

2 – Research Moving Companies

Do you want a company that someone has referred you to? Have you factored in the price, amount of goods you are moving, the safety of your goods during your local or long-distance move, packaging and unpacking? Consider what you are looking for with your moving company and any guarantees on your belongings and to ensure a supervised move. 

3 – Get Quotes

By getting various quotes, you can get a thorough understanding of what is included with your move, value for money and if you get protection against broken goods. Is the company known for delivering possessions on time and in their original condition? Will you be renting an entire truck; how many boxes do you have, and do you have boxes and furniture wrapping? 

4 – Declutter

Minimizing your excess clutter can save you money on the size of your move. Clearing your clutter and belongings assists your unpacking process and save you time on moving extra unneeded possessions. 

5 – Start Packing and Labelling

Correctly wrap, protect and label your belongings for your move. Clearly labelling the boxes during your local or long-distance move can assist your unpacking by placing the clearly labelled boxes where they should be – kitchen, guest bedroom etc. 

6 – Try Stay Organized! 

Try not to deviate from your preparation list! Understand when your goods are arriving and plan around moving costs, dates, transport time and unpacking time. If you are moving long-distance, your belongings might arrive after you, make sure to pack what you need! 

We pride ourselves on highly flexible and dependable solution provider when it comes to packing and removals and promise that your Local and Long-Distance moves can be handled with ease and care! Contact our highly experienced team here.

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