Moving And Relocating Your Office Spaces

Moving and relocating your home and office spaces can be a daunting and tedious task. We understand the need to get your possessions and business up and running with the least disruptions all while being as efficient as possible. Your mini move and office move can entirely be taken care of. Here is how to make your move as simple as possible. 

Assess the situation

Just by looking around you, what equipment and furniture needs to be moved? Does your equipment need special packaging, dismantling, reassembling or special moving conditions? Assessing the situation is the first step to understanding your move, mini move or office move. 

Formulate a plan

Which items would you need to have moved first so that you can get your space up and running as soon as possible? Any type of move could disrupt the ordinary flow of your environment. Make a checklist of what needs to be sorted, packed and moved. 


Share your plan with the moving company! Very often, when moving, it is believed that the move can be undertaken by inhouse staff or inviting relatives over. While saving on costs, the efficiency, time and assurance of your equipment will be taken care of are not guaranteed. By communicating your plan to the movers, your special packages and possessions will be looked after, and the flow of your move maintained. 

Get organized

You can already minimize your move by discarding any unwanted possessions or rubbish. By formulating how you want your move to go, the unpacking at the new premises will be the next process. Reducing the number of boxes will save money on your mini move and the time spent on unpacking. 

Know what your move includes

Will your furniture be unpacked and put in place at your new premises? Take advantage of that or find out how to get it done.

Don’t forget that it is business as usual

While your mini move or office move is underway, and your move is being taken care of, use this time to let your customers know about your move, new location details and how their expectations will be managed during this time. 

We strive to make moving as simple and streamlined as possible. Are you considering a mini move or an office move? Here at Alert Removals we make any moving process easier for you. For more information on our moving services, fill in your details here and our expert team will get back to you. 

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